Home Comfort Club

The Plan That Every House Should Have

Designed to provide peace of mind when it comes to all aspects of heating and cooling in your home. When problems with your equipment arise, then being a Home Comfort Club member ensures you have certifed technicians and top priority service available 24 hours a day.

Home Comfort Club Features

As a member of our Home Comfort Club, you'll be entitled to a number of exclusive and premium features...

No Overtime Charges

Should you have an emergency after regular hours, as a member, you pay the same as you would during regular working hours. That is an automatic $89.00 savings!

Priority Customer

As a member, even on our busiest days, if you require service you will be put at the front of the list. You don't have to wait for service

10% Discount on Repairs

Any repairs that are listed in our Ten Level Service Repair Guide are eligible for an on the spot 10% discount.

Special Offers

Periodically, we will have special offers on our various products or services. As a member you will be informed and are entitled to these great offers

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

To top it all off, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with our service, we will make it right or you won't pay!

Additional Features

24-Hour Emergency Service

If you experience an emergency, we are on call during the week, on the weekend, day or night, to ensure your family's comfort. We are here to help... anytime!

Lower Utility Bills

Similar to performing regular service and maintenance on your car to achieve optimum fuel mileage, your heating and cooling systems operate the same way. Regular maintenance will ensure equipment keeps running at or near its maximum efficiency.

Convenient Scheduling

Whether it's an annual inspection or a service appointment, we will call ahead making sure that our visit to your home is at a convenient time for you. Your time is important to us.

Inflation Protection

Investing in a multi-year plan, membership will ensure you pay the same rate each year as you did in the first. Even when there is an increase in costs and prices change, your rates are locked in.

Helps Prevent Costly Repairs

Preventative maintenance is key for your equipment and greatly improves your chances of avoiding a costly repair. 80% of cooling and heating emergencies can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Extended Equipment Life

By having your equipment serviced regularly, you ensure that it is running properly which can make it last much longer.

Improved Safety

Properly maintained equipment will help to ensure that you will not only be able to avoid problematic comfort issues, but dangerous safety issues as well. Heat exchangers, burners, and wiring needs to be checked, cleaned and serviced regularly to ensure your family's safety.

Maintains Factory Warranty

Most manufacturers include in their warranty statements that in order to maintain your warranty on new equipment, it be maintained annually by a certifed technician. Why take a chance when you can have Peace of mind?

Transferable To New Home

Buying and selling homes is a part of life. When selling, be sure to inform prospective buyers how being a member ensured your equipment has been properly maintained. When you are ready to move, take all of the benefts of the Home Comfort Club with you to your new house.

Selecting Your Investment

Every Peace of Mind plan is designed and developed for each individual home. Each plan starts with the selection of the annual inspection of your heating, cooling, or both depending on the equipment you have. From there, the plan can be completely customizable to each individual home.

Investing In Your Home & Family

Preventative maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment keeps it running better and provides an extended life for them. It doesn't just beneft the equipment, regularly changed flters and a 24-hour emergency hotline produces better health and comfort for your family. When investing the concern is your return on investment. What better return on such a minimal investment than the Peace of Mind that someone is here to monitor and promptly repair what we depend on so much in our day to day lives.

Why Should We Join

The answer is simple... you live in Manitoba! With our extreme climate in all seasons, everyone deserves the Peace of Mind that their home and family will be taken care of if something happens to go wrong in one of Manitoba's worst weather conditions

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